One day more

ahhh, Family!! So this last week I was able to go see Querecotillo and all the branch there and we have a baptism in La Union, and Miraflores this coming Saturday that I will miss, but that’s super cool that they are happening and I’m super excited for them. Today I’m saying my goodbye in Miraflores then it’s off to dinner with President. Tomorrow there’s a training just about all day and at night I head out on the plane. It’s going so fast it’s unbelievable. But enough on all this, I’ll give more details on the week when I see you all in 2 days!! Love,

Elder Arrington

She got programmed with the most tragic backstory ever

So I’ll be real brief for the week. Monday in the night time we were invited to dinner from President as a late celebration to my B-day

Great food. Thanks President!

Here was my last day in the office (Wednesday) and I took a picture of my posterity in the office, Elder Moon. He’s doing a great job as the new financial secretary

So the last few days I have been in La Union doing a bunch of missionary work, then today for P-day we went to Piura to have lunch with the other secretaries. This is me with Elder Bayona, the box secretary. The funny thing is, is his brother lives in La Union and I met him and everything. We have an FHE today with him so I took this picture to show him I know his brother.

We found some interesting people this last week and I just saw that we got a sweet refferal of some golden family in a pueblito near La Union, so we’ll be going this week to visit them. There’s another investigator here who is really awesome and is going to get baptized next week. Seriously she understands everything and wants to be a missionary. She said she knows that her family won’t support her decision but she knows the church is true so she’s going to get baptized. Another investigator here has been attending church for 17 years having the lessons from the missionaries. He’s basically a member at this point but he still needs to get baptized. The reason he hasn’t is because he isn’t married to his wife. She doesn’t want to get married because she knows it’s so he can get baptized. So he says he’s going to leave her but it’s time to finally get baptized. Really cool people out here and very friendly.

I finally got caught up in my journaling (the important stuff anyway), and now in the nights I am prepping little recuerdos for the members and converts in all my areas. I have my last interview with President on Friday. Then Sunday after church I am heading over to Querecotillo to say goodbye to everyone and we will be getting back to the office at night to sleep over there. That’s gonna be my last week of the mish. I’ve got a few more solid days of proselyting to go.

Love you all, See you in a bit,
Elder Arrington

Quick, give me a kiss. They’re still looking at us. Yeah, it was worth a shot


There are in fact 3 doors in that door

Little puppies at a super cool investigators house

This investigator was a miracle in and of itself, we got a text from President Rasmussen about a reference from the United States that he got. So we went ASAP to contact it, it also happened to be in the richest part of our area. We knock the door and the family lets us in and we had a great lesson. They invite us back for another lesson but this time for a lunch appointment on Saturday. They barbecued a bunch of meat for lunch and it was DELICIOUS, also they happened to have puppies. Really fun and cool moment, we put a baptismal date on them and they hopefully will get baptized in 2 months.

My goodbye to Limber

Now this one deserves an explanation. This week has been full of craziness, including an elder that had a seizure and went to the hospital for brain bleeding. It’s possible he has a tumor. I am the odd man out here in the office so I went with his companions on divisions to pick his things up from his room. For now the elder is stable, and they are thinking about sending him to Lima for treatment. But the problem is, what happens with his companion and the area? Once again as the odd man out I was chosen for the job. So I will not be ending here in the office, but rather I will be ending in a little town called La Union with his companion Elder Pajuelo for 2 weeks. I go down tomorrow and it will be a great way to end I think, because I’ll have 2 solid weeks of just missionary work to do. I’m a little disappointed about leaving the Ward Miraflores, but it’s only 2 weeks. I said bye to the majority of people yesterday including Limber.

Funny comment too, the assistants were telling me about the meeting with President. President says something to the effect of, Elder Arrington has already been to almost all the small pueblitos in the mission, he can’t leave without going to La Union. LOL, well I started in a pueblito, I’ve had a year and a half of the mission in pueblitos, I suppose it’s fitting that I also end the mission in a pueblito. I’m just the pueblito guy.

An ambush of Hermanas

Hermana Velez from our ward had her Bday yesterday, and we got invited to the party mostly to throw eggs at her, we thought it was going to be us, the sisters and the member family that invited us, but when we got there, there were all the sister missionaries from like 2 different zones. So there are my companions feeling uncomfortable.

We ended up egging the Hermana of course, but that wasn’t enough for Elder Moon, he wanted to shake things up, so he grabs a can of tuna and pours it on her head. That got her super mad, but it was also really funny.

Last reunion of father and son before we see each other again in the kingdom of Utah

My group before we head home this transfer

Not much other news for the week, we had the audit, which was no fun. I don’t think they are made to be fun though. This coming week I’ll be tearing it up in La Union and making memories.

Love you all, See you soon,
Elder Arrington

Excuse me! This sash was a gift to me from the queen of America.

Well in answer to all your doubts, yes they egged me this week for my bday and threw flour too so the egg dried and got hard… Then later that same day they did the other bday tradition here in Peru, you take a little bite of your bday cake and they push your face in so you get all sticky and stuff.

In the kids show Jimmy Neutron the dad always refers to his wife as "sugar booger". Having that cake shoved up my nose I feel like I have come to a deeper understanding of that phrase LOL.

Baptism pics from that same day July 1st

​So getting down to what we did this week. There was some preparation for the baptism we had but we also had some time to find new investigators and we are planning for another investigator that may get baptised my last week here in the mission. It would be super cool to have a baptism my last day, but it depends more on if he is ready or not. He’s really cool though so I don’t doubt it can happen.

My birthday was a really great day, we had a few cakes from members and such, but we also had the baptism of Ana in the evening. At night we had an appointment where we felt the spirit very strongly and put a baptismal date on our investigator. What a great way to celebrate your birthday!

In the office it’s nice that I don’t have to take the calls anymore and the new secretary is doing a lot of the work. There are still some things I need to teach him, but he’s got a lot of it down. So now I’m working on updating our Financial Secretary Manual because many things have changed since they updated it last. And I’ve also been preparing for the audit that is happening tomorrow.

This week ahead of us is going to be super crazy, we have the audit, and the missionary leader council as well as 49 cellphones to get changed out with the missionaries, as well as the normal secretary duties…

Also for Pday yesterday we begun my last "Copa Piura Vida" the mission soccer competition. I played as goalie for my team and I got a little disanimated at being goalie after the first game where we lost 1-4 so I started the next game as a defender, and after the first goal they made on our other goalie they insisted I play goalie again. This time I didn’t let one past me and we won 2-1. I felt pretty good about that, but it came at the cost of a bunch of bruises and a giant goose-egg on my shin from accidentally kicking another elder in the same place, HARD (it’s currently red and purple and still very swollen, but hey we won). Then after that we did a few other Pday things like buy groceries but we didn’t have time to write the family, so that’s why we are writing right now.


These weeks are going by way too fast, I can’t believe there’s just 3 weeks to go! Love you all, see you in a few weeks.

Elder Arrington

Attached: weird picture of the sky in the evening with a view of the moon and a few very bright spheres nearby which we thought might be planets. AND, A castle tower house randomly found in our area

Indoor plumbing… It’s gonna be big.

This was an exceedingly fast week. We had a lot of funny times and lots of laughs. The highlight of the week was the baptism which I will detail a little bit later.

Before I forget, thank you family for the birthday package! I got it like 6 days ago and I thought it was really great. I already assembled the little lego car and I laughed because that’s probably your way of saying your not going to buy a real car for me LOL.

I imagine I will be getting hit with an amount of eggs for my Bday this week, probably less than last year, but that’s not anything sure. Funny story on that tradition. Today was the Bday of another elder from my district and the sisters brought eggs to egg him. He managed to not get hit and hid from them. We finally decided to go to the mall place to eat lunch, so they took one of the open carriage style mototaxis, but right as they left we saw the sisters in another mototaxi right behind theirs with eggs in hand to throw at him. So they started into a low speed mototaxi chase. Made me crack up. I actually have no idea if they ended up egging him or not because the motos ran out of sight.

We were hit with a plague of crickets this week:

Here’s some pics of my LAST multizone meeting

And the big highlight of the week, Limber’s baptism:

That was a super cool change to see in Limber. The first time Elder Norman and I met him he was just a street dude and didn’t take us too seriously. I honestly thought a few times that he was wasting our time. But this week he got baptized and his Mom and Grandmother attended his Baptism(They aren’t members)! I think he’s my favorite person I’ve ever taught in the mission. This Saturday we have another baptism coming up which is pretty set in stone.

Keep it real, love you all. Happy Birthday Stacey, BIRTHDAY POWER!
See you all in 1 month from today,

Elder Arrington

The funny thing about shaking hands is, you need hands!

Crazy week this week. We had new missionaries coming in, old missionaries to send off, parents of missionaries to pick up, etc. I have been a little low on sleep this week because of everything going on here.

Funny secretary moment. I had asked the area like 4 months ago for like 6 cellphones because missionaries had lost them. For 4 months I heard nothing, then randomly this week 49 new phones show up out of nowhere. No explanation… So we get to upgrade everyone’s phones LOL.

We had a sort of tough time in our area this week, almost all our appointments fell through and we had trouble finding new people. One of those miracle people who came to church last week was a member reference. So we go to contact them and the Mom comes to the door and says no my son belongs to another church. The Catholic church, and he’s prepping to get some apostate ordinance, blah blah. Well here’s a question lady, Why is he attending our church then?? Huh? LOL Catholics…

We did get a few of our investigators to church yesterday and Limber is finally going to get baptized this week! I’m so excited, I think he’s my favorite investigator I’ve had on the mission. He’s such a funny kid and he’s changed a ton in the time we’ve known him.

I got to catch up briefly with my old pensionista from Tacala because she’s going to make me a cool tie to go with my suit:

We said goodbye to the group that got to the mission just a transfer before I did… I knew them all very well and they are super fun people. It was especially interesting because almost all the Elders stayed at the office Monday night before leaving for home on Tuesday, and they stayed up all night talking. Super sad to see them go:

I’m next..


Random Wifi park in our area

Father’s day activity on Friday

President Rasmussen invited us over to the mission home to eat desserts and we ate banana bread, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies (which I have not had in nearly 2 years).

I hope you had an enjoyable Father’s day Dad! The weeks are going by way too fast. Love you all, look forward to hearing from you next week.

Elder Arrington

Cakes have layers

Sad news to hear that G-pa Arrington passed away this week. It is really a blessing we have to know that he is in a better place, a place of peace where he is learning and probably teaching the gospel as well.

This week we also saw some more miracles. Saturday night we passed by all the investigators we could to invite them to church. We called and texted the rest to make sure they came on Sunday. Sunday Morning our golden investigator cancels on us because he went to the hospital, and no one else showed up of those we invited. We were a bit bummed and at the end of sacrament meeting like 3 different members came up to us and introduced us to investigators they had brought to church that live in our area. In all 6 investigators came. Thats like 3 weeks in a row that’s happened LOL, I love miracles. We’ll be meeting with these new people this coming week.

Great news about my BYU schedule. I was looking at it today and was like wow that’s a REALLY good schedule, all of the afternoon free(to work…) and the classes look great. Today those who are leaving tomorrow were here in the office and they also had their schedules and to be completely honest, my schedule is way better. Thank you so much for handling that family(especially Emily and Dad).

Also as you are aware transfers were today, I got my replacement in the office, Elder Moon. He’s a super cool dude (he’s from the same group as my son Elder Killpack) and he’s gonna do an awesome job. Personally I am feeling relieved of a lot of stress.

From our beach "P-Night" last week

Other pics from the week:

A wild fox we found in our area

When I ripped my pants…

The world’s best Financial Secretary is now going into retirement.

The picture doesn’t do it justice because they all moved right as I took it, here were about 8-9 youth in the church in a circle ALL with their phones out not talking to each other LOL.

This was in honor of my new companion Elder Moon becoming the new financial secretary:

​Another week that has gone extremely fast, look forward to hearing from everyone next week!

Elder Arrington