Quick, give me a kiss. They’re still looking at us. Yeah, it was worth a shot


There are in fact 3 doors in that door

Little puppies at a super cool investigators house

This investigator was a miracle in and of itself, we got a text from President Rasmussen about a reference from the United States that he got. So we went ASAP to contact it, it also happened to be in the richest part of our area. We knock the door and the family lets us in and we had a great lesson. They invite us back for another lesson but this time for a lunch appointment on Saturday. They barbecued a bunch of meat for lunch and it was DELICIOUS, also they happened to have puppies. Really fun and cool moment, we put a baptismal date on them and they hopefully will get baptized in 2 months.

My goodbye to Limber

Now this one deserves an explanation. This week has been full of craziness, including an elder that had a seizure and went to the hospital for brain bleeding. It’s possible he has a tumor. I am the odd man out here in the office so I went with his companions on divisions to pick his things up from his room. For now the elder is stable, and they are thinking about sending him to Lima for treatment. But the problem is, what happens with his companion and the area? Once again as the odd man out I was chosen for the job. So I will not be ending here in the office, but rather I will be ending in a little town called La Union with his companion Elder Pajuelo for 2 weeks. I go down tomorrow and it will be a great way to end I think, because I’ll have 2 solid weeks of just missionary work to do. I’m a little disappointed about leaving the Ward Miraflores, but it’s only 2 weeks. I said bye to the majority of people yesterday including Limber.

Funny comment too, the assistants were telling me about the meeting with President. President says something to the effect of, Elder Arrington has already been to almost all the small pueblitos in the mission, he can’t leave without going to La Union. LOL, well I started in a pueblito, I’ve had a year and a half of the mission in pueblitos, I suppose it’s fitting that I also end the mission in a pueblito. I’m just the pueblito guy.

An ambush of Hermanas

Hermana Velez from our ward had her Bday yesterday, and we got invited to the party mostly to throw eggs at her, we thought it was going to be us, the sisters and the member family that invited us, but when we got there, there were all the sister missionaries from like 2 different zones. So there are my companions feeling uncomfortable.

We ended up egging the Hermana of course, but that wasn’t enough for Elder Moon, he wanted to shake things up, so he grabs a can of tuna and pours it on her head. That got her super mad, but it was also really funny.

Last reunion of father and son before we see each other again in the kingdom of Utah

My group before we head home this transfer

Not much other news for the week, we had the audit, which was no fun. I don’t think they are made to be fun though. This coming week I’ll be tearing it up in La Union and making memories.

Love you all, See you soon,
Elder Arrington

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