Excuse me! This sash was a gift to me from the queen of America.

Well in answer to all your doubts, yes they egged me this week for my bday and threw flour too so the egg dried and got hard… Then later that same day they did the other bday tradition here in Peru, you take a little bite of your bday cake and they push your face in so you get all sticky and stuff.

In the kids show Jimmy Neutron the dad always refers to his wife as "sugar booger". Having that cake shoved up my nose I feel like I have come to a deeper understanding of that phrase LOL.

Baptism pics from that same day July 1st

​So getting down to what we did this week. There was some preparation for the baptism we had but we also had some time to find new investigators and we are planning for another investigator that may get baptised my last week here in the mission. It would be super cool to have a baptism my last day, but it depends more on if he is ready or not. He’s really cool though so I don’t doubt it can happen.

My birthday was a really great day, we had a few cakes from members and such, but we also had the baptism of Ana in the evening. At night we had an appointment where we felt the spirit very strongly and put a baptismal date on our investigator. What a great way to celebrate your birthday!

In the office it’s nice that I don’t have to take the calls anymore and the new secretary is doing a lot of the work. There are still some things I need to teach him, but he’s got a lot of it down. So now I’m working on updating our Financial Secretary Manual because many things have changed since they updated it last. And I’ve also been preparing for the audit that is happening tomorrow.

This week ahead of us is going to be super crazy, we have the audit, and the missionary leader council as well as 49 cellphones to get changed out with the missionaries, as well as the normal secretary duties…

Also for Pday yesterday we begun my last "Copa Piura Vida" the mission soccer competition. I played as goalie for my team and I got a little disanimated at being goalie after the first game where we lost 1-4 so I started the next game as a defender, and after the first goal they made on our other goalie they insisted I play goalie again. This time I didn’t let one past me and we won 2-1. I felt pretty good about that, but it came at the cost of a bunch of bruises and a giant goose-egg on my shin from accidentally kicking another elder in the same place, HARD (it’s currently red and purple and still very swollen, but hey we won). Then after that we did a few other Pday things like buy groceries but we didn’t have time to write the family, so that’s why we are writing right now.


These weeks are going by way too fast, I can’t believe there’s just 3 weeks to go! Love you all, see you in a few weeks.

Elder Arrington

Attached: weird picture of the sky in the evening with a view of the moon and a few very bright spheres nearby which we thought might be planets. AND, A castle tower house randomly found in our area

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