Indoor plumbing… It’s gonna be big.

This was an exceedingly fast week. We had a lot of funny times and lots of laughs. The highlight of the week was the baptism which I will detail a little bit later.

Before I forget, thank you family for the birthday package! I got it like 6 days ago and I thought it was really great. I already assembled the little lego car and I laughed because that’s probably your way of saying your not going to buy a real car for me LOL.

I imagine I will be getting hit with an amount of eggs for my Bday this week, probably less than last year, but that’s not anything sure. Funny story on that tradition. Today was the Bday of another elder from my district and the sisters brought eggs to egg him. He managed to not get hit and hid from them. We finally decided to go to the mall place to eat lunch, so they took one of the open carriage style mototaxis, but right as they left we saw the sisters in another mototaxi right behind theirs with eggs in hand to throw at him. So they started into a low speed mototaxi chase. Made me crack up. I actually have no idea if they ended up egging him or not because the motos ran out of sight.

We were hit with a plague of crickets this week:

Here’s some pics of my LAST multizone meeting

And the big highlight of the week, Limber’s baptism:

That was a super cool change to see in Limber. The first time Elder Norman and I met him he was just a street dude and didn’t take us too seriously. I honestly thought a few times that he was wasting our time. But this week he got baptized and his Mom and Grandmother attended his Baptism(They aren’t members)! I think he’s my favorite person I’ve ever taught in the mission. This Saturday we have another baptism coming up which is pretty set in stone.

Keep it real, love you all. Happy Birthday Stacey, BIRTHDAY POWER!
See you all in 1 month from today,

Elder Arrington

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