The funny thing about shaking hands is, you need hands!

Crazy week this week. We had new missionaries coming in, old missionaries to send off, parents of missionaries to pick up, etc. I have been a little low on sleep this week because of everything going on here.

Funny secretary moment. I had asked the area like 4 months ago for like 6 cellphones because missionaries had lost them. For 4 months I heard nothing, then randomly this week 49 new phones show up out of nowhere. No explanation… So we get to upgrade everyone’s phones LOL.

We had a sort of tough time in our area this week, almost all our appointments fell through and we had trouble finding new people. One of those miracle people who came to church last week was a member reference. So we go to contact them and the Mom comes to the door and says no my son belongs to another church. The Catholic church, and he’s prepping to get some apostate ordinance, blah blah. Well here’s a question lady, Why is he attending our church then?? Huh? LOL Catholics…

We did get a few of our investigators to church yesterday and Limber is finally going to get baptized this week! I’m so excited, I think he’s my favorite investigator I’ve had on the mission. He’s such a funny kid and he’s changed a ton in the time we’ve known him.

I got to catch up briefly with my old pensionista from Tacala because she’s going to make me a cool tie to go with my suit:

We said goodbye to the group that got to the mission just a transfer before I did… I knew them all very well and they are super fun people. It was especially interesting because almost all the Elders stayed at the office Monday night before leaving for home on Tuesday, and they stayed up all night talking. Super sad to see them go:

I’m next..


Random Wifi park in our area

Father’s day activity on Friday

President Rasmussen invited us over to the mission home to eat desserts and we ate banana bread, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies (which I have not had in nearly 2 years).

I hope you had an enjoyable Father’s day Dad! The weeks are going by way too fast. Love you all, look forward to hearing from you next week.

Elder Arrington

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