Cakes have layers

Sad news to hear that G-pa Arrington passed away this week. It is really a blessing we have to know that he is in a better place, a place of peace where he is learning and probably teaching the gospel as well.

This week we also saw some more miracles. Saturday night we passed by all the investigators we could to invite them to church. We called and texted the rest to make sure they came on Sunday. Sunday Morning our golden investigator cancels on us because he went to the hospital, and no one else showed up of those we invited. We were a bit bummed and at the end of sacrament meeting like 3 different members came up to us and introduced us to investigators they had brought to church that live in our area. In all 6 investigators came. Thats like 3 weeks in a row that’s happened LOL, I love miracles. We’ll be meeting with these new people this coming week.

Great news about my BYU schedule. I was looking at it today and was like wow that’s a REALLY good schedule, all of the afternoon free(to work…) and the classes look great. Today those who are leaving tomorrow were here in the office and they also had their schedules and to be completely honest, my schedule is way better. Thank you so much for handling that family(especially Emily and Dad).

Also as you are aware transfers were today, I got my replacement in the office, Elder Moon. He’s a super cool dude (he’s from the same group as my son Elder Killpack) and he’s gonna do an awesome job. Personally I am feeling relieved of a lot of stress.

From our beach "P-Night" last week

Other pics from the week:

A wild fox we found in our area

When I ripped my pants…

The world’s best Financial Secretary is now going into retirement.

The picture doesn’t do it justice because they all moved right as I took it, here were about 8-9 youth in the church in a circle ALL with their phones out not talking to each other LOL.

This was in honor of my new companion Elder Moon becoming the new financial secretary:

​Another week that has gone extremely fast, look forward to hearing from everyone next week!

Elder Arrington

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