“He is my brother.” “He killed 80 people in 2 days” “He’s adopted…”

Good morning all! This has been a cool week. To get right into it, yesterday we saw a big miracle. We got to church with our investigator and we see seated on the other side of the chapel a young woman in a dress, so we assumed she was a member. Some members came up and told us she wasn’t in fact a member and that we should visit her (obviously). So at night we came by her house and she told us that she had been attending with her family every week in Lima and was about to get baptized, but the week of her baptism they moved back to Piura. Take that Lima missionaries! JK but she still wants to get baptized and that works out great for us. So we are going to repass the lessons and in a week or so she will be baptized. #Miracles

We also have been abusing our Areabook a little bit, so we decided to start actualizing it yesterday and we made just a small dent. It was just after that we saw the big miracle happen and we’re like "oh man, and that was just for starting on the Areabook, just imagine what will happen when we finish updating it". LOL.

We are prepping a lot of people to get baptized next transfer and have the hope to baptize every week starting on the 17th to the end of my mission. It will take a lot of work but it is most definitely possible.

We had a fun little reunion of a couple "originals" from my group this week too:

There you can see me, E’Jenkins and E’Almond. They came to visit some old areas before the mission ends. Super fun to catch up with them again.

Interesting find the other day, while openning more paper for my printer:

Ah yeah that’s cool just a harmless frightened sun man, but when you turn it upside-down it turns into


LOL, yeah that’s about it from the week. More to come this week, can’t wait to hear what my classes will be. I’ll keep G-ma McNeil in my prayers, doesn’t look like she’s doing too well right now. Love you all, til next week!

Elder Arrington

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