I find your lack of faith disturbing

Okay now I’m able to write. I imagine you may wonder why I need to write today. Well it has a lot to do with our P-day activity yesterday. We went with President to Mancora, saw sea turtles and went ziplining. Here’s some pics:

Puffer fish



This is something I didn’t know that every 30 minutes or so sea turtles come up for air and they make little breathes when they come up.


Here’s a diver dude


img 3044

img 3043 4

img 3049 4

Now onto the zipline:

The view from the climb


The first and longest zipline, they told us it was a total distance of 800 meters


The truck we headed up in stopped working so we hiked the rest of the way up and ditched the car

img 3051


img 3067

img 3054

​There you go, we had a great time, super fun! Onto the week, it was a good week, I had various financial things to do like monthly payments and president’s card. I’ve gotten a little faster at those so we also had a lot of time in our area. We have been finding some really great people who have awesome questions.

Just last night we were teaching a lady who believed that the leaders of the church shouldn’t have to work because they should be 100% consecrated to the work of God. I explained that my dad had been bishop for many years and he also worked to pay his expenses and provide for his family, then we went further to explain that it isn’t just one person that leads a ward, really there are leaders for every organization and the bishop presides, and ideally with every member having home teachers to watch over them, it is the perfect church system. Kind of an interesting conversation and I learned a lot in that lesson.

Anyway that was a highlight from the week, more to come this week, soon I will be training my replacement here in the office.

Love you all,
Elder Arrington

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